How Do You Remove Red Wine From a Carpet?

Many people love the idea of curling up on the couch on a Sunday night, a glass of red wine in hand and a romantic comedy on television. What no one wants is to deal with the inevitable aftermath of a red wine spill. Whether it’s on your couch, the carpet or your clothes, red wine stains put up a good fight. In case you’re struggling with how to remove old and new stains, here are some tips for wine stain removal to try on your own.

The Chemical Spine of Red Wine

Red wine consists of chromogens, the primary substance found in many types of plants that’s responsible for dyes. Tannins are also found in the wine — organic materials that contribute to many ink products. Think of red wine as a dyed ink blot, and you’ll begin to see how stubborn its stains are.

When you spill wine, the liquid moves in two ways — down and out. Couch cushions are a little slower in absorbing the liquid than your carpet, which is why it’s crucial to act fast.

Red Wine Stain Removal: The Do-Nots

There are a few key reminders of things you should not do when trying to treat red wine stains. The big ones include:

  • Don’t scrub.
  • Don’t wait.
  • Don’t apply heat.

By scrubbing the stain, you’re spreading the liquid out while using pressure to push it down. You should blot the area instead, using dry fabrics to lift the stain. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to blot out any liquid — while it’s possible to remove old red wine stains, it becomes nearly impossible the more you wait.

You also don’t want to apply any heat to the area. High temperatures will change the chemical processes of the wine, making it easier for it to bond to the porous material instead of lifting from it.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains From the Carpet

If you’re in need of a list of tactics to attack and remove your old red wine stains, here are some items you should keep stocked in your house:

  • Table salt
  • Club soda
  • White vinegar
  • Oxi cleaner

In some instances, if the stain is fresh, directly pouring boiling water on the area and blotting it with a dry paper towel can lift most — if not all — of the stain. After that, your next go-to is to add a dry powder or material to the spot. Table salt works the best — pour a small pile onto the heart of the stain, let it sit for a few minutes up to an hour, then use a towel or cloth to blot the area.

The next step in treating a red wine stain is to use a combination of club soda and white vinegar. This mixture will break up the molecules of the wine. If everything else has failed, invest in an oxi cleaner. Oxi cleaners are your best bet in treating and removing old red wine stains.

Whether you’re struggling to remove a red wine stain or would rather leave it all to the professionals, contact Thai Cleaning Service today to treat your carpet and avoid a disaster that becomes irreparable.

Tips for Cleaning up After a Party

Everyone loves the idea of a good get-together. Whether it’s a holiday party, a family reunion or just a night in with some friends, having people over at your house for food, drinks and entertainment is the perfect recipe for a great time.

Unfortunately, the post-party cleanup often feels like a dreaded chore. Don’t let this cleaning deter you from having the best party you can have. Here are some tips for cleaning up after a party like a champ.

Start Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

The best way to combat post-party cleanup? Do as much as you can before the night or get-together begins. If you’ve prepared appetizers or a meal, run your cooking tools and dishes through the dishwasher and empty it right away. This step leaves your sink and dishwasher wide open for the dishes that are bound to gather throughout the party.

Think Ahead for Messes and Trash

You hope you won’t have to deal with spilled wine or crushed food, but accidents do happen — especially in rowdy and crowded settings. Keep a bucket or pail on the ground or counter to collect empty beer bottles and recyclable cups. Keep a small dustpan or vacuum nearby to sweep up food crumbs and flakes quickly.

It’s also a good idea to keep your rugs and best decorative pillows hidden to avoid the tricky spot-cleaning treatments that may be required otherwise. Make sure you keep a supply of Tide pens or wet wipes around in case of sticky countertops and accidental spills on clothing.

Contain Your Guests

The last thing you want going into an evening of cleaning up after a party is to have to move from room to room, tracking down where your guests dropped food or left their cups. Keep your guests comfortable in one or two main party rooms, such as the kitchen and the living room. If you don’t want guests wandering around, lock or close doors, and turn off the lights in hallways and bedrooms.

Start With the Kitchen

One of the best tips for post-party cleanup is to begin with the kitchen. After your guests leave, think of everything that needs to be put away in your kitchen. Gather up all the dirty dishes, glassware and utensils, and pop them into the dishwasher. Store leftover food in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Give a quick wipedown to all countertops, making sure you don’t allow any water rings or wine spills to take form overnight.

Focus on Stains and Smells

Before you go to bed, take a quick inventory of any stains your guests may have left behind. Treat them as soon as possible to reduce their chance of permanence. Empty the trash to remove sources of food odor. If you have citrus peels or skin lying around, grind some of them down in your garbage disposal to keep your sink smelling clean and fresh.

These steps are some of the best ways to clean up after a party. Of course, if you’d rather go to bed and call it quits, you can always allow Thai Cleaning Service to take care of the rest. Call or request an estimate to schedule your post-party cleanup services right away.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Pet Stains?

Pet stains are unavoidable around your home. Even the most well-trained dogs and cats will have accidents or fall ill, leaving a mess. All pet owners struggle with the dilemma of how to clean pet stains — while there’s no one clear, cut-and-dry answer, we do have a few pet stain removal tips to ease the process.

Blot, Don’t Rub

Before you even think about which product to use on your stain in question, the first thing you need to do is blot the area. Soaking up excess liquid like urine will allow your cleaner to penetrate the soiled area in a deeper and faster way. And instead of rubbing the stain, which could cause it to further seep into your carpet, remember that blotting the area lifts the stain.

Vinegar Is a Miracle Ingredient

The ability for vinegar to lift and treat old stains allows it to work like a miracle drug. It’s non-toxic and leaves behind no residue, ensuring a safe area for your pet to be around after cleaning. Vinegar will also neutralize the ammonia found in urine — which causes odors to formulate — treating not just the stain but also the source of the smell.

Multiple grocery, drug and pet stores sell stain removal for pet owners, but there are natural cleaners that can be made at home. One simple recipe is to combine one cup of white vinegar, one cup of lukewarm water and two tablespoons of baking soda. You can apply the mixture directly to the stain, or you can treat the stain with the baking soda first, allow it to sit for five minutes and then add the liquid mixture on top and blot.

Allow Baking Soda to Sit

When you want to clean a pet stain that’s the source of some bad smells, throw in baking soda to whatever cleaner or mixture you’re using. It will soak up the current stain and penetrate through your carpet fibers to neutralize the odor and keep it from spreading.

Rinse the Area After Treatment

Once you’ve applied your cleaner or mixture to the stain and blotted it away, you’re going to want to rinse the area. This routine is especially important for spots that may have had exposure to bleach-based products, as the chemicals can be harmful if ingested by your pet. Simply fill a bottle with lukewarm water, spray to thoroughly dampen the area and use a clean towel or cloth to blot away the excess water until dry.

Avoid Steam Cleaning

While vacuuming over your carpet after treating stains is an excellent clean-up method, avoid using any steamers for urine stain removal. The heat that resonates from steam cleaners can penetrate into the urine and bind the protein into the fibers of your carpet, which will make it much harder to remove the stain as well as the odor.

Use these pet stain removal tips the next time you need to do a quick spot treatment. If you need a more substantial removal from your home carpet, contact Thai Cleaning Service for a free estimate to receive a personalized and professional cleaning.

What Your House Cleaner Wants You to Know

Hiring a house cleaning service is a luxury more and more people are requesting because of its affordability. Whether you’re too busy to deep clean your home, you’re preparing for an upcoming event or you simply detest cleaning, house cleaners can do it all. However, there are some things you need to know to receive the best service time and time again. Here are some of the biggest things your cleaner wishes you knew when you request a cleaning service.

Prepare Your Home to Be Cleaned

Yes, you’re hiring a cleaner to pick up around your house and make it more presentable. But that doesn’t mean they should be sorting through your mail, picking up your dirty clothes and organizing your shoes in your home’s various rooms. Before your cleaner arrives, give a glance throughout each room. Find the areas you can declutter to make your home more accessible. Besides, when you organize, your cleaner cleans — and when they spend less time in your home, you ultimately save money.

Take Care of Your Pets

Most cleaners don’t care if your dog or cat is hanging around the house while you clean, as long as you check with them first to learn of any possible allergies or fears. However, if you know your dog attacks the vacuum when you try to move it, remember that they’ll probably attack the cleaner’s vacuum too. Think in advance about cleaning day, and prepare to board your pet for the afternoon or keep them locked in a kennel or spare room to keep them out of harm’s way.

Be Specific With Your Directions

Cleaners know how to clean. However, they don’t know what your precise definition of “clean” is. If you want your home to look a particular way after your cleaner leaves, you need to let them know. Request an at-home consultation to give a thorough tour and explanation. Even leaving a list describing which areas need the most attention will guide your cleaner in the right direction.

Also, remember that cleaners are not magicians. They can’t read minds, and they can’t snap their fingers and be done with the task. Allot your cleaner the amount of time they recommend for your requested services. If you want all four bedrooms and three bathrooms deep cleaned, expect to let them work for multiple hours.

Show Your Appreciation

Finally, make sure your cleaner feels appreciated for the work and care they show your home. Monetary tips are always welcomed and highly recommended. However, if you’re running short on extra cash this week, show your cleaner you appreciate their work. For instance, write a thank you note or surprise them with baked goods. In addition, always offer water to drink.

House cleaning services can be the perfect addition to your home and can help you balance your work-life schedule. These tips will provide you with what you should know when hiring a house cleaner. If you’re in the Baltimore area, you can trust Thai Cleaning Services. A locally owned service that is insured as well as licensed and bonded, we’ll quickly become the reliable and trustworthy helping hand you never knew you needed. Reach out to us now for more information.

How to Clean Wood Floors

The process of cleaning wood floors is much smoother than you might think. While hardwood floors may seem like they require more maintenance than carpet or tile, they’re easy to clean — if you have the right information and guidance.

From knowing what to use to clean wood floors to the techniques involved, here are some wood floor cleaning tips.

Trap Dust — Don’t Push

To give your floors a regular presentable appearance, dust and sweep them regularly. Don’t use a standard broom, as it will only push around the dirt and debris. You want to use something that will trap dirt, dust, and other allergens and lift them from the floor. Microfiber mops and cloths use static electricity to capture tiny particles left stranded on your wood floors.

While it’s recommended to do a sweep every day, it all depends on the traffic of your household. With pets roaming around, you may want to give a good sweep daily. Otherwise, you can probably get by keeping your floors looking beautiful by sweeping every two or three days.

Vacuum With Care

The presence of hardwood floors should not deter you from using a vacuum. However, you should be mindful of its key features. Try not to press too forcefully, as the wheels can cause scratching. You also want to replace the beater bar attachment with a floor brush to prevent possible damage.

Mop Your Floors Monthly

The number of times a month you mop your floor can fluctuate but aim for two to three cleanings. You’ll want to use a soft-headed mop that cleanly passes over your flooring and won’t scratch the finished surface. Avoid saturating your floor with liquid, as a buildup of water can contribute to long-term damage. Instead, lightly mop over the wood, or mist the floor with cleaner and gently wipe over it.

Vinegar can be used, but in small amounts — too much vinegar concentration can dull the wood’s finish. Soapy and waxy cleaners can leave behind residue on your floors, so try to avoid applying these products on the surface. You can always find cleaners specifically designed for hardwood floors to mop and spot treat with.

Keep up Your Maintenance

Polishing your floors isn’t as stressful as you’ve probably made it out to be in your mind. In fact, it’s a rather painless process that needs to be done only a few times a year. Polish can fill in the tiny scratches you’ve built up during the past few months as well as keep your protective surface in top shape.

Proper wood floor cleaning wouldn’t be complete with resanding and refinishing. The frequency of this process is variable depending on your wood floor traffic, but you should aim for every four or five years. You’ll thank yourself once you realize how much cleaner your room and house look when the finish of your wood is stripped away and replaced.

Cleaning your wood floors is an easy task to keep up with, but if you find yourself lacking the time, Thai Cleaning Service will do it for you. Request a free estimate today, and we’ll keep your hardwood floors looking brand new.