The Household Chores List by Thai Cleaning Service

Keep the house clean and organized by following the chores list. Some chores need to be done everyday. For example the kitchen and dining room should be clean everyday to keep rodent and bugs away from your house. Some of them only need done once a week or once a month. Cleaning baseboard, you don’t need to continue doing that everyday. Dusting them every week or every two week would be good enough. If you ignore them for a long length of time, don’t be surprise if the next cleaning you need to use a wet rag to scrub those dirt and dust.

By following the list, you don’t need to schedule the deep cleaning day or spring cleaning at all because the house will always sparkling.
Cleaning everything on this list seems like it’s a lot, it’s a good idea to assign chores fairly to each family member. Some of the chores, small children might be able to help for example sort the laundry- that you be the time that you and your child can create the bonding and let them learn to take responsibility. You could always call Thai Cleaning Service to reduce the number of chores you have to do. 🙂