Welcome to the TCS cleaning family

Baltimore aid cleaning service If you’re a busy mom looking for a simple, flexible job that works with the responsibilities of running errands, dropping off your kids at school and keeping a balanced home life, a part-time position with a residential cleaning company may be perfect for you. As a local, family-owned-and-operated maid service that’s reliable and convenient both for our clients and our employees, Thai Cleaning Service offers flexible cleaning jobs in Baltimore, MD. If you’re interested in a cleaning job, here’s what you need to know:

  • This independent position offers ALL the flexibility of an independent job with NONE of the stress and liability.
  • This is a job that works with your children’s school hours.
  • A job in home cleaning is a lot different than you might have ever imagined — featuring upscale homes, a clean working environment, and GREAT pay!
  • We are an upscale cleaning service, our average house is a $300k to $800k house. This is a VERY clean work environment!
  • Your commute will be fewer than 12 miles because we hire employees in the area where they will be working.
  • We service a very large area spanning from Elkton, MD to Ellicott City, MD and from the Southern Pennsylvania border to as far south as Pasadena, MD.
  • Our customers have clean homes in good areas and prefer to spend a little more money to get a service that prides itself on QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND RELIABILITY.
  • This is a part-time job— it will never be more than 5 hours a day (3.5 to 4 is more typical).
  • Working hours are flexible, but our cleaning jobs in MD usually require you to be available during a 4 hour period between 9am-3pm M-F. Saturdays are also available.

Your typical day would be leaving right from your home/school, driving straight to the customer (usually less than 12 miles), clean for about 4 hours, then you’re done for the day and free to go home or pick up the kids from school. That’s it — pretty simple.

Job requirements

If you’re thinking of submitting an application for a cleaning job here at TCS, make sure you’re prepared for these simple requirements and conditions:

Car icon image YOU MUST HAVE A RELIABLE CAR AND BE WILLING TO USE IT DAILY! We guarantee you travel fewer than 15 miles from your home (less than you would drive to a typical office job).


No burglars icon image



Reliability icon imageYOU MUST BE VERY RELIABLE! We have a very strict policy about missing work.



YOU MUST LIKE TO SMILE! Seriously, smile…it will make our clients feel comfortable and confident with you in their homes.


Give it a Try

Just like you can audit college classes, you can audit this job. Call to find out how to set up an audit with someone from our current staff to see if this job works for you — go right the job site and talk with a current employee.

If you’re interested in an application for a cleaning job with TCS, reach out for more information about this opportunity. Please fill out the basic info below, and we will contact you:

Do you have a car for daily use?
First, Middle, and Last Name:
Home zip code:
Hours available
Best time to call:
Do you have experience as a professional cleaner?
Have you ever worked as an independant cleaner before?
What was your positon at your last job?
How long were you at that job?
How many jobs have you had in the last 12 months?
Do you have a valid MD driver license?
Have you been convicted of or pleaded no contest to a felony?
Are you afraid or allergic to dogs/cats/bugs that would cause you problems to clean homes with them?
Are you available Monday through Friday?
Can you work one Saturday a month?
What is your full date of birth? (for background checks)
Briefly describe why you are a great fit for this position?
Do you have a vehicle to use during working hours?
Which would you prefer to clean: A very big, clean house or a small, dirty apartment? Why?
Do you have any physical limitations that would make it hard to clean houses, bend over, or lift cleaning equiptment?
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