Tips for Cleaning up After a Party

Everyone loves the idea of a good get-together. Whether it’s a holiday party, a family reunion or just a night in with some friends, having people over at your house for food, drinks and entertainment is the perfect recipe for a great time.

Unfortunately, the post-party cleanup often feels like a dreaded chore. Don’t let this cleaning deter you from having the best party you can have. Here are some tips for cleaning up after a party like a champ.

Start Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

The best way to combat post-party cleanup? Do as much as you can before the night or get-together begins. If you’ve prepared appetizers or a meal, run your cooking tools and dishes through the dishwasher and empty it right away. This step leaves your sink and dishwasher wide open for the dishes that are bound to gather throughout the party.

Think Ahead for Messes and Trash

You hope you won’t have to deal with spilled wine or crushed food, but accidents do happen — especially in rowdy and crowded settings. Keep a bucket or pail on the ground or counter to collect empty beer bottles and recyclable cups. Keep a small dustpan or vacuum nearby to sweep up food crumbs and flakes quickly.

It’s also a good idea to keep your rugs and best decorative pillows hidden to avoid the tricky spot-cleaning treatments that may be required otherwise. Make sure you keep a supply of Tide pens or wet wipes around in case of sticky countertops and accidental spills on clothing.

Contain Your Guests

The last thing you want going into an evening of cleaning up after a party is to have to move from room to room, tracking down where your guests dropped food or left their cups. Keep your guests comfortable in one or two main party rooms, such as the kitchen and the living room. If you don’t want guests wandering around, lock or close doors, and turn off the lights in hallways and bedrooms.

Start With the Kitchen

One of the best tips for post-party cleanup is to begin with the kitchen. After your guests leave, think of everything that needs to be put away in your kitchen. Gather up all the dirty dishes, glassware and utensils, and pop them into the dishwasher. Store leftover food in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Give a quick wipedown to all countertops, making sure you don’t allow any water rings or wine spills to take form overnight.

Focus on Stains and Smells

Before you go to bed, take a quick inventory of any stains your guests may have left behind. Treat them as soon as possible to reduce their chance of permanence. Empty the trash to remove sources of food odor. If you have citrus peels or skin lying around, grind some of them down in your garbage disposal to keep your sink smelling clean and fresh.

These steps are some of the best ways to clean up after a party. Of course, if you’d rather go to bed and call it quits, you can always allow Thai Cleaning Service to take care of the rest. Call or request an estimate to schedule your post-party cleanup services right away.