coronavirus disinfection services CA

coronavirus disinfection services CA

With over 23 years of experience, KVAC Environmental is a leading waste management and disposal services company. We offer unsurpassed coronavirus disinfection services in CA for homes and businesses at affordable prices. Here are the main five benefits of hiring us for coronavirus disinfection services.

1. Professional disinfection service 

We are in the waste management and disposal industry since 1997 and have worked relentlessly to create a cleaner and greener environment. With a team of hardworking, dedicated, and highly skilled technicians, we follow a strict protocol when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting for the coronavirus. All our technicians are fully aware of the deadliness of the COVID-19 virus and employ the best cleaning practices to ensure 100% safety for you and your family members.

2. Affordable prices

We understand how the whole economy is suffering due to the shutdown of businesses and industries across the country. In this rather turbulent times, our primary focus is to ensure the safety and security of American people with top-notch cleaning and disinfection services. We try our level best to clean and disinfect all hard and soft surfaces in people’s homes, outdoor areas, and business establishments at the lowest prices to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

3. CDC compliant services

As per the advice and guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we follow a custom-designed deep cleaning for coronavirus protocol. We use the safest yet powerful EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning solutions to offer a comprehensive clean-up for your residential and commercial space. Also, we use a diluted bleach solution that contains more than 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite. This substance will destroy the novel coronavirus on certain hard surfaces. All our technicians are fully aware of the CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfection and offer unbeaten clean-up services.

4. Emergency response services

We try and accommodate all COVID-19 clean-up appointments on the same day. As a waste management and disposal company, we understand the importance of preventing the spread of disease through fomites better than anybody. Hence, we try to honor all COVID-19 related emergency cleaning and disinfection requests at the next earliest available slot. By offering timely clean-up services, we do our parts in preventing the spread. We are one of the few clean-up firms with a dedicated COVID-19 response team and top of the line equipment for the cleaning and disinfection of novel coronavirus.

5. Excellent customer care

We are available on all weekdays and round the clock for emergency services. You can schedule an appointment, and one of our members from the customer care team will contact you within 3-4 hours. We are available through phone and email for any COVID-19 related queries, and we respond to all such inquiries within 24 hours.

Call KVAC Environmental today for Coronavirus (COVID-19) decontamination and disposal services. We are the #1 provider of coronavirus disinfection services in CA with a team of highly skilled workers and top of the line cleaning equipment. Ensure 100% protection for you and your family with our Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services.

coronavirus disinfection services CA
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coronavirus disinfection services CA
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