Thai Cleaning Service: Baltimore’s Premier Maid Service

TCS StaffNothing is quite like coming home after a busy day at work to a house that’s spic and span and smells fantastic. A clean home gives you a sense of peace and allows you to truly enjoy being there — and it’s even better when you’re not the one doing the dusting or vacuuming.

Thai Cleaning Service is a professional maid service right here in Baltimore, Maryland, that wants to make your dream of a clean home a reality. Our team of hardworking maids takes the time to get to know your individual preferences, so they can clean your house just the way you like it.

Lots of big franchise cleaning companies exist in and around Baltimore, but Thai Cleaning Service is a local, family-run maid service. This means we can provide better, more individualized services for a more reasonable price. We are committed to bringing the joy of a clean home to our community of friends and neighbors.

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So Many Reasons to Choose Baltimore’s Thai Cleaning Service

When you choose Thai Cleaning Service, you’ll be getting superior service from a company that understands the needs of the local Baltimore community — because this is where we live, too. Our maid service can provide benefits you won’t find from big, impersonal cleaning companies. Some of the advantages we’re proud to offer residents throughout Baltimore and beyond include:

  • Moms Cleaning ServiceFor that personal touch, nothing beats our Moms Cleaning Service. This program ensures that only one maid cleans your home — a mom who lives in the Baltimore area. This win-win situation means she’s not overworked because she only cleans one house per day, and you get to know the person who comes to your home. It’s as close to having your own maid as you can get without actually hiring one.
  • Green Cleaning Products: If you hate that harsh chemical smell that comes from most industrial cleaning products, you’re not alone. Not only is it an abrasive smell, but it can ruin the indoor air quality of your home. Our maids provide a green cleaning experience, which means they use eco-friendly products that still give your home the deep clean you’re after.
  • Added Measures for Your Peace of Mind: Welcoming a maid into your home can be a bit nerve-wracking when you don’t know the person, which is why we perform thorough background checks on all our employees. Also, our maid service is licensed, and we carry insurance to protect our employees, as well as your home and belongings.
  • Personalized Attention and ServiceFrom deep spring cleanings to a thorough tidy-up before the holidays or the occasional window washing, sometimes you may need your maid to perform tasks that are outside her regular duties. That’s no problem at all, as we can fill in when those little surprises pop up from time to time.
  • No Need for a Contract or Commitment: When you seek out the services of most franchise house cleaners located in Baltimore, they often require you to sign up for their services, committing yourself even if they don’t do the job correctly. We want you to choose our maid service because you’ve experienced service you love, not because you signed a piece of paper.

Contact Thai Cleaning Service of Baltimore

For a different kind of maid service experience, we invite you to contact locally owned and operated Thai Cleaning Service. We can provide you with a free, no-commitment estimate and consultation for your home in Baltimore or the surrounding communities. We’re far less expensive than our big-name competitors and are proud to deliver superior maid cleaning services no matter what.

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