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Canton Maid Service

Thai Cleaning Service team member wiping down the kitchen sinkWhen you open the door to your home in Canton, are you greeted with bright, clean living spaces? Or are you reminded that you have to spend the upcoming weekend toiling away to get the house clean and uncluttered?

Instead of wasting your time and energy on cleaning when you have other things to do, why not work with Thai Cleaning Service(TCS) in Canton, MD?

TCS is a top quality residential maid service available to homeowners throughout the Canton community and surrounding areas. Our objective is to give you a customized, comprehensive clean that will make your home gleam.

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Private, Personalized Canton Residential Cleaners

If you’ve tried other cleaning services in Canton, MD, you might have noticed that new employees came to your house every visit. That’s not unusual in the cleaning services industry. In fact, turnover rates are very high in most companies.

TCS is different.

At TCS, our turnover is incredibly low. Why? It’s our philosophy of hiring moms who want part-time work, and then assigning them only one house per day. This allows them to drop off their children at preschool or school and then drive straight to your home. They spend their time committed to getting your house in pristine condition before picking up their children afterward.

You get the benefit of having one person assigned to your home, and our employees have no limits on their time. Plus, they get the advantage of learning what your cleaning preferences are, as well as the overall layout of your home.

It’s a maid service that can’t be beat. Contact TCS for more information on our Canton residential house cleaning options right now.

Environmentally Safer Green Cleaning Products

Are you trying to go greener for your health and the stewardship of the planet? So are we. It’s why we’ve made sure we only use certified green cleaners in all the houses we clean.

Like you, we’re concerned about releasing toxins into the atmosphere, especially in our homes. The Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that indoor air quality can be several times worse than the air outside. This can be dangerous, especially if you have people living in your home who have respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies or COPD. Let us use our gentler, but effective, cleaners to improve your home’s air quality, and quite possibly the quality of your family’s health.

Wonder if a green cleaner can be as good as ones made from chemicals that are tough to pronounce? We can attest to the strength and efficacy of all our green cleaning products because our owner uses the same solutions herself.

Make a move toward greener living by partnering with TCS on all your house cleaning service needs.

No Contract? No Problem!

It’s common in the residential cleaning business to ask for long-term contracts from customers. However, we at TCS believe it’s unnecessary. We know that you want flexibility, which is why we never lock you into contractual agreements.

Get our maid service in Canton, Maryland on your own terms. Choose TCS by sending us a form with your information. That way, we can get your free estimate started right now.

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