Trusted Middle River, MD House Cleaning Service

Thai Cleaning Service team member wiping down the kitchen sinkAre you tired of wishing your home was brighter? Want to make sure all the surfaces from the kitchen to the bathroom are truly sanitized?

You’re a perfect candidate for Thai Cleaning Service (TCS) maid service in Middle River, MD.

Our house cleaning service specializes in far more than just scrubbing and scouring. We develop an understanding of your cleaning preferences and get to know the ins and outs of your home. Not only does this allow us to give you an incredibly spotless home, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your “palace” is being treated royally!

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Smarter, Greener Home Cleaning Services in Middle River, Maryland

Have you heard the news that indoor air quality can be many times worse than what you’re breathing outside? It’s a fact that concerns us, which is why we only use green cleaning products for all our TCS clients.

We’ve carefully chosen each of our environmentally-safe cleaners to ensure they work just as well as chemical-laden ones. At the same time, you’ll never have to worry about the toxicity associated with harsh chemical cleaners with unpronounceable ingredients.

You’ll love knowing that all the areas of your home have been meticulously cleaned using only good-for-you and good-for-the-earth products. It’s one of the reasons so many homeowners only use TCS for their maid services.

Passionate House Cleaners Focused on Your Home

In most cleaning service companies, each employee must clean several homes in one day. This gives very little time to get all the dust, debris, spots and smudges. It’s also why so many homeowners in Middle River, MD stop using a house cleaner after a few visits.

TCS has taken a much different, much better approach by giving each of our workers only one house to focus on per day. How is this possible? We hire moms who want part-time jobs while their children are in school. Of course, we background check all of them as an added safety and security measure. Plus, they have to shadow with a seasoned employee before they’re given a house to clean solo.

Our mom cleaners drop their children off in the morning and then go right to your house. Once there, they have several hours to spend on your home, and only on your home. They’re not worried about getting the job done quickly. They’re focused on getting the job done well.

Not only will your personal cleaner get to know your preferences, but she’ll develop a better understanding of the layout of your house. This helps her complete her work thoroughly and without missing any places.

If you’ve been yearning to have a cleaner home, but you thought it would be impossible to get someone who would care for your castle like you do, contact TCS. You can call us anytime or fill out our contact form online.

Our goal is for you to have an amazing, green-cleaned home that makes you happier and healthier. Get an estimate on TCS house cleaning services from our professional, credentialed team and company today.

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