Personalized Residential Maid Service in Fallston, MD

CleaningHave you ever wished that you had a live-in maid? With personalized residential maid service from licensed, bonded Thai Cleaning Service (TCS), you get the same results without giving up your guest bedroom!

TCS specializes in providing the best cleaning service possible, giving you that customized clean you deserve. Contact us today for a free estimate and discover the difference of our unsurpassed attention to detail.

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The Same House Cleaning Services Pro at Every Visit

Most home cleaning services send different employees to customers’ houses. Not only can this leave you feeling wary about the people coming in and out of your home, but it makes it tough for the employees to understand your preferences.

At TCS, we’ve instituted a decidedly unique way of hiring passionate, dedicated cleaners. We call it “mom cleaning.” Here’s how it works.

We seek out mothers with younger children who want to spend time with their kids, but also would like to have a rewarding part-time job. After each mom passes a rigorous background check, we train her on our specific processes to ensure she’ll clean to our high standards.

When the mom passes our training, she is given a single house to clean per day. This allows her to put all her focus on getting your home spotless and bright. She doesn’t have to worry about going to any other residences. Yours is her sole concern.

This model is extremely unusual in our industry, and it’s why our customers rave about their experiences! Watch some of their unsolicited video testimonials, and you’ll hear in their own words why TCS is the only way to truly get your house completely clean.

Green Cleaning Done Right

You probably hear a lot about “green” cleaning, but what does it really mean? To TCS, it’s an important aspect of what we do.

Every cleaning product we choose has been certified green. It’s also been thoroughly tested by our owner in her own house. In other words, it’s not just good for the environment. It’s also going to work well to keep your house brighter and sanitized.

In addition to green cleaners and other products, we always choose the highest grade of non-scratch scrubbers. Your surfaces deserve to come out shiny and beautiful, not marred by low-quality cleaning implements.

Make your home a much healthier place to live and enjoy. Choose TCS for your house cleaning in Fallston, Maryland and get the benefit of cleanliness without the worry associated with harsh chemicals and airborne toxins.

Old-Fashioned Cleaning for Fallston Residential Maid Service Customers

Would you like to be able to get every single surface in your home gleaming? We would, too, and that’s what we do.

We have a stringent protocol that includes completely cleaning all the living areas, as well as doing everything from changing sheets to actually moving knick-knacks instead of dusting around them. From the first TCS visit, you’ll see how valuable our cleaning service is to the health of your home.

Additionally, we can offer specialized deep cleaning and other cleaning services. Just ask us about them when you fill out our contact form online for a free estimate. Many new customers prefer to start with a more comprehensive deep clean, and our team is happy to provide solutions.

Make every day a little brighter by hiring TCS, without a doubt the best cleaning service in Fallston, MD.

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