Cleaning Shower Stalls

Thinking about cleaning a shower stall or bathtub, always make me think about spraying those strong chemicals and let it sit to do its work. I would just go back in and rinse it off afterward. I did that all the time until one day after I finished cleaning the bathroom I felt dizzy and nausea. I felt like that strong bleach scent shot straight through my brain. The symptoms continued for hours.

I kept thinking is it because I’m getting older? Or maybe it’s time for me to start taking care of myself and consider using a nontoxic product or green solution. At first, I used the green solution that was in the market. Until I come across a DIY all-purpose cleaner that is made from ingredients that I have in my kitchen. I LOVE it! The shower stalls are clean and I don’t have to fight with the bleach smell. I encourage you to try it for yourself this weekend.  Here is a great recipe you can start with!